I recently received some very kind words from some of my readers.

I was already super excited to have a chance to go through some of the testimonials people emailed in – text and video.

But I didn’t expect to get this video from my old Wall Street co-worker Tony D, who was at the same firm I started at on my very first day on Wall Street.

Here’s what some other folks had to say:

“I have tried to follow recommendations of dozens of experts. You are the only one I continue to listen to. Following your courses, I have learned to make money on the stock exchange.” — Gundeger H.


“[Chris Rowe helped me] By keeping me safe, which provides confidence. … I own three stocks which are less than 4 months ‘old,’ and the gains are 29%, 34% and 62%. — Robin J.


This information and training has he’s had a major impact on my investment strategy. and I’ve more than doubledmy portfolio since I started using these products.

I’m writing this testimonial because I’ve gotten to know Chris I think very highly of him I find him to be an outstanding educator. — Dr. Robert D.


“I have been following Chris for long time… and I have made enough to fund my retirement.” — Faiez A.


“Chris alerted me to the real estate crash of 2008 and saved me a lot of money! I use his knowledge almost daily.” — Samuel D.


I signed up for these with the idea of hoping to retire early - I’ve got a family and I want to spend time with them. And it’s been my experience that Chris has helped me towards this.

Chris could send 5% of what he does or maybe 10% but he explains why he makes the recommendations, he explains his thinking behind the ideas and he teaches.

And in between trades he sends out additional information.

My idea is his program has done that as has Chris.

I had started trading a specific security hoping to gain dividends on it and as I look over my records, if I just stuck with the security, even including the dividends, at this point in time I would have lost about $1300 on all those positions. Now when I add up just the options positions that I also took on that because of what I learned through Chris those add up to over 4k so my total gain on the position is actually a positive roughly $2500 because the knowledge that I have gained from form Chris — Joe C.