Checkpoint Trading is so powerful because it removes human weakness from trading. It gives you “market armor.”

Among its many other benefits… it allows you to stay in the market for the entire duration of a bull market with supreme confidence.

You can get in on strong stocks without worrying about short-term price activity.

Even if the stock drops, you’re not taking on much risk.

Look at this simplified chart. (Details have been stripped away to really hammer home the main idea.)

If you were in this position, and saw that dizzying drop…

What would you do?

At the very least, you’d probably find it extremely hard to take you mind (and your eyes!) off the ticker.

Or maybe you’d kick yourself, and sell the stock before it got any worse.

No matter how good that stock looked a few days ago, you’d tell yourself “I knew I should have waited…”


“I knew I should have gotten in earlier.”

And that’s the problem.

If you did sell, you’d have taken a loss.

Plus, your blood pressure wouldn’t have had to fly through the roof on the way there.

By allowing you to stay in the market during dips…

… CheckPoint trading directly counteracts the #1 reason investors lose money in the market… even when times are good:

Trading emotionally!

For most people, it’s better NOT to see what’s going on in the market – does that sound familiar?

At some point, you’ve probably been whipped out of the market during an unexpected selloff… only to see the stock go higher after you sold.

Well, we’re going to put a stop to that.

With the CheckPoint strategy working for you, you can be comfortable checking your positions once per month… and never worrying about how some news story is going to affect stock prices.

The way the trade is structured does the hedging for you.

So instead of allowing your fear (or irrational greed) trick or force you into reacting to market swings and false signals…

You can relax…

And let the profits come to you.

It’s proven time and again that your emotions are the main cause of underperformance.

You’ve probably even heard this before – but you haven’t found a way to overcome it.

It’s not your fault.

It’s human nature. We’ve all done it.

You don’t want to lose what you’ve got. So you sell on pullbacks – locking in your losses. Or you take profits when shares go up, locking yourself out of future upside.

On Tuesday, October 8th at 7pm EST I’m going to show you how you can finally do the rational thing – and feel good about it emotionally, too.

CheckPoint Trader gives you market armor!

Talk to you soon!

Chris Rowe
Founder, True Market Insiders