“My account went from a little over $23,000 beginning 2018 to just over $47,000 now.”
Frederick Foster, Sykesville, MD.
“My current return since Dec 5,2017 is 323%, which is fantastic and for which we have to congratulate you.”
Wally Burton, Omaha, NE.
“I have all positions - account has doubled and almost tripled. I need this for retirement.”
Rocky Genova, Floral Park, Queens.
“In February, having lost my job in January, I paid some of my end of service money into my trading account and have doubled that value in one month. I am so grateful to Chris.”
Bev Bostok, Champagne, Ill.
“Chris' information and training has had a major impact on my investment strategy. I’ve more than doubled my portfolio since I started using his products.”
Sabrina S.
“I have been following Chris for long time... and I have made enough to fund my retirement.”
Faiez A.
“I made a pile of money during the 2008 meltdown. When everyone else was crying, I was elated with joy. I use Chris’ principles to manage my retirement portfolio and I must say … my money grows every year.”
Robert M.
“Chris, you've changed my perception of the markets forever! I've not only been able to make money … I may be able to trade full time!”
Navindra R.
“I have started modestly… I currently have $23.5K invested with current value of $35.6K. Plus, I've “banked” $9.5K.”
Donnie Tylka, Somerset, NJ.
Chicago Mom Cleaning Up On These Trades

The decision was easy on which video I should feature today.

She titled it “Single mom from Chicago”, and she’s been a subscriber of mine for a decade, recorded this video of her experience with me.

If you know my story, you understand my deep appreciation for single moms.

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CheckPoint Trading Gives You “Market Armor”

Checkpoint Trading is so powerful because it removes human weakness from trading. It gives you “market armor.”

Among its many other benefits… it allows you to stay in the market for the entire duration of a bull market with supreme confidence.

You can get in on strong stocks without worrying about short-term price activity.

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I worked with Chris on Wall Street


I recently received some very kind words from some of my readers.

I was already super excited to have a chance to go through some of the testimonials people emailed in – text and video.

But I didn’t expect to get this video from my old Wall Street co-worker Tony D, who was at the same firm I started at on my very first day on Wall Street.

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What Is “CheckPoint Trading?”

Chris here…

Thank you for signing up to join me for the CheckPoint Trader Summit on Tuesday, October 8th at 7:00PM EST. It’s going to be a phenomenally valuable event.

I’ll be sharing a strategy that, up until now, has been used almost exclusively by the most elite Wall Street traders.

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