Why I’m Leery of Bitcoin (And You Should Be Too)


Despite the fact that it’s soared more than 600% since January 1st…

2017’s biggest gains will NOT come from Bitcoin (at least not directly).

That’s good news for some, bad news for others.

The bad news is that a whole lot of investors could be missing out on a whole lot of money.

The good news is that a few days from now, the True Market Insider team is going to make it dead simple for you to get in on these highly-lucrative Bitcoin-beaters.

Here are some of the gains we’ve already locked in:

  1. An investment of just $450 turned into $4,063 – a 903% gain…
  2. An initial stake of $675 was worth $5,200 – a 776% profit …
  3. A position valued at just $627 turned into a whopping $10,696 – a 1,606% windfall.

And unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can use your existing online brokerage account to buy, sell and take profits from this investment. No need to set up a strange account with a new company.

Or to figure out how to put money in to buy tokens on an exchange, or any of that stuff.

This opportunity is so exciting and the timing is absolutely perfect.

To make sure we can give you all the information you need to take advantage, we decided to drop (almost) everything and urgently put together our Checkpoint Trader Summit on Thursday, November 16th.

During the event, Chris Rowe will reveal the secret strategy elite Wall Street traders have used to multiply their fortunes during every market mania for the past three centuries -- and how YOU can use it to make life-changing profits in today’s record-breaking market

(Strangely, this strategy has been around for more than 300 years...but it’s still works incredibly well in today’s high-tech world.)

Just in case you don’t know him yet…

Chris Rowe is a legendary investor and Wall Street money manager.

He helped his clients make fortunes on technology stocks from 1997 to 2000, buying right into the top of the tech bubble.

For example, his call on Applied Materials that returned nearly 11 times their money (1,080%) in 3 years...

Amazon handed investors 21 times their money (2,100%) in 2 years...

Qualcomm returned an unthinkable 26 times their money in just 1 year…

In the next historic stock market mania of 2007, he did the same thing, advising investors to stay bullish on energy stocks. In fact, he warned his readers in December of 2006 about the coming credit crisis and real estate crash, recommending they go bearish on Financials. That warning saved the people who were paying attention a LOT of pain.

As the current market approaches another mania, readers who followed Chris’ trades in the semiconductor sector pocketed 58% gains in a single month.

In each of these instances, Chris used the secret strategy he’s going to share at the Summit to grab monster gains and minimize or even eliminate downside risk.

A lot of people are nervous, wondering if stocks are overbought (they’re not), if Bitcoin can go any higher (it can and will).

That said, you can’t afford NOT to participate in this market. The wealth-building potential is too big to ignore, and sooner or later the top will come.

And when it does, investors who haven’t protected their portfolios will get pummeled. That’s how mature bull markets always work.

Today’s cryptocurrency buying frenzy looks a lot like the other manias Chris has navigated safely and profitably through.

As I alluded to a moment ago, the massive profits we’re targeting don’t come directly from Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency.

Nevertheless, the crypto market right now is driving hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue into these companies ($220 million for one of them in the past six months alone).

When cryptocurrencies do well, they provide a powerful tailwind for the type of company Chris Rowe likes to target. (You’ll see why during the Thursday (November 16th) event.

That’s Why You SHOULD NOT Buy Bitcoin

Before I continue, let me be clear about something. There’s no question that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

But there’s also no doubt that, at this point in time, they’re very volatile and potentially risky to own.

At the Checkpoint Trader Summit on November 19th, you’ll discover one company that’s cashing in on the cryptocurrency boom. This company profits whether cryptocurrencies go up or down in value. It’s a safe and easy way to make money from cryptocurrency without the risk of owning cryptocurrency directly.

Today's speculative bubble will rip higher. Then it will get slapped down. Then, as always happens, people will consider it a bargain and buy the dip, causing a brief rally. Then it’ll head lower again…

Many investors will get burned. Some will rake in tremendous gains. All you need is the right strategy for times like this.

This could be a total game changer for you. Tomorrow, you’ll start discovering how to use the secret Wall Street strategy to navigate the market without fear as it gets closer to the top. You’ll learn how to get make better-than-Bitcoin gains without all the volatility and risk.

Stay tuned!

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