What Is “CheckPoint Trading?”


Chris here…

Let me start out by saying thank you for signing up to join me for the CheckPoint Trader Summit on Thursday, November 16. It’s going to be a phenomenal and very valuable event. 

For the first time ever, I’ll be sharing a strategy that, up until now, has been used almost exclusively by the most elite traders on Wall Street. 

My mentor taught me this secret strategy in my early days as a money manager. And I’ve used it to build serious wealth for my clients and myself since 1995. 

But my 22 years is nothing. Well-informed investors have been using this strategy to multiply their fortunes for more than 300 years. I’m excited to share how YOU can use it to make life-changing profits immediately.

I call it “CheckPoint” trading, and it solves one of the biggest problems investors face.

You see, when it comes to investing, many people suffer from a “fear of heights.”  It affects stock investors as well as folks watching the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. 

The strategy I’m going to discuss on this coming Thursday is uniquely structured to eliminate anxiety and confusion about buying at the market top.

If you’ve ever felt afraid to put your money into anything that had run up very high, very quickly… Then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Now, this type of leeriness makes perfect sense. Who wants to get invested in some “bubble” that’s on the verge of bursting?

But here’s something I can’t say enough...

The most explosive moves higher always occur just before the top.  In fact, the closer you get to the top, and the deeper “irrational exuberance” takes hold, the more opportunities you’ll have to make life-changing profits FAST.

In other words, investors can’t afford NOT to participate in this kind of market!  And that’s exactly why we’re holding our CheckPoint Trader Summit on Thursday. 

Coming out of market correction last year…

  • With Bitcoin flying past $6,000 and even breaking $7,000…
  •  With a booming tech sector driving the major stock indexes past one record  high after another...
  •  With the Bull-Bear Spread at its highest point in the past 30 years (indicating peak market optimism)…

...right now is the perfect time for this strategy.

I understand why anyone may be skeptical at a claim like that, but I’ve witnessed this firsthand.

This Cycle Happens Every 10 Years, Almost Like Clockwork

In 2017, we’re witnessing what may seem like the unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has soared more than 7X since the beginning of the year. And hundreds of new cryptos have had initial coin offerings. Last time I checked, there were over 1,100 of them, each promising investors incredible returns.

Once per decade, some nontraditional investment couples with the REAL bull market, and begins gaining wide acceptance, sparking a buying mania. 

But, like I said, this mania only SEEMS unprecedented. In reality, we’ve seen it all before.

In 2007, ten years ago, there was a legitimate bull market… and then we had funky mortgage-backed securities dominating the scene. Big banks, hedge funds and well-placed insiders made money hand-over-fist. We all know how that turned out... 

Oil, the world-wide energy source, also traded up 200% before crashing lower.

In 1997, the Dotcom boom was in full force. Everyone wanted to get in on the profits. The Nasdaq nearly double in a single year, peaking at 5,132.52 in March 2000. 

But we also had Bulletin board stocks, pink sheet stocks that were going from the pennies up to the triple digits. Then the Tech Wreck destroyed the portfolios of a lot of people who felt like investing geniuses earlier in the year. Trillions of dollars in market cap vanished.

In 1987, leveraged buyouts were the flavor of the day. The stock market tacked on 44% headed into August...before the biggest single-day sell-off in history, 22% on October 19.

The non-traditional mania was the Junk Bond Bubble and leveraged buyouts.  

And on and on…

In each of these cases, a small group of investors has used the little-known strategy to substantially increase their wealth, with minimal risk. 

Today's crypto bubble will rip higher... Then it will get slapped down. People will think it's a bargain and buy the dip. It will rally a little and then go even LOWER.

In 2027, when the history of Bitcoin and of the “boom of 2017” is finally written (almost certainly by those who come out on top today)…

Investors who read that future history will ONLY know that “some got rich and some got crushed,” same as always.

They WON’T know what those winners did to win.

But you WILL know, because you will have had the opportunity to trade alongside those winners.

So… Let’s look at…


How My Strategy Works

I a nutshell, the secret strategy I’m going to show you enables you to literally detach your CURRENT profits from any FUTURE risk while still maintaining your position for future gains.

That means you can bank Bitcoin-like returns with no fear about volatility and no fear of buying at the top. No fear about waking up in the morning to find your stocks have taken a nosedive. 

To do this, you only need to take positions in a handful of solid, household-name companies. You DO NOT need to take a flyer on some exotic penny stock… or some tiny, unknown startup to see 1,000%+ returns. 

I’m going to show you how the strategy allows you to take advantage of the market’s massive momentum -- and the strongest momentum right now is in tech. So that’s where our focus will be.

There’s a 3-step process I use to select companies. (I’ll dive deeply into all three steps during Thursday’s Summit.)

First, I look for market “Mammoths.”

Then, I confirm that the stock offers multiple “CheckPoints.”

Finally, I “spy” on big hedge funds.

As I said, I’ll give you the full details about my entire screening process during our Summit together. For now, I just want to highlight one part. 

Like Turning Straw into Gold

“CheckPoints” are what allows you to pay yourself profits from these companies at predictable time intervals. Sort of like giving yourself (massive!) dividends. (After all, how many firms pay 30% - 40% dividends?)

And you can use that cash immediately, however you want.  Within a short period, these payments can eliminate any possibility of your taking a loss on the position.

In fact, it’s possible (even likely, given my screening technique) that you’ll be able to…

  1. Pull out 100% of your initial investment…
  2. Continue pulling out cash, even in amounts that exceed your initial investment.

And even though this type of trade is virtually unknown outside Wall Street, its performance is guaranteed. (You’ll find out how that’s possible on the 16th.)  That’s another reason I’m so excited.

The strategy I’ll be sharing at the Checkpoint Trader Summit can help you make some of the biggest gains you’ve ever seen as this market reaches its peak. All while virtually eliminating risk. 

Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 8pm Eastern.  Not only will I reveal this secret Wall Street strategy for the first time, but I’ll also tell you about three companies in prime position to deliver monster gains.

In the meantime, don’t forget to visit the Checkpoint Trader Live website to see all the commentary that’s available for you.

See you then!

chris rowe
Chris Rowe
Founder, True Market Insiders

P.S. By the way, you can still sign up to get text reminders. Just sign up here. We'll send you a short text reminder just before the Summit starts. You're not going to want to miss a single minute of this important event.

P.P.S.: Considering how we’ve all seen the stock market ramping up at an accelerating pace, I expect an unusually high number of profit opportunities to present themselves. Investors need to learn how to trade this way RIGHT NOW while there’s still time to capture what could be the greatest gains of the decade. 

So don’t forget to set your alarm for Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 8pm Eastern.

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