(“The Herd’s Coming for Bitcoin”)
My Conversation with Chris Rowe


Fellow CheckPoint Investor,

Yesterday, I had a short, impromptu phone conversation with Chris Rowe.

The topic was some shocking information that had just crossed my desk.

I had the call transcribed so you can quickly take in Chris’ thoughts.

If you were watching the market at all today, I think you’ll find the insights Chris shares VERY interesting.

It’s a pretty short call, but it’s full of great information (Chris constantly drops little jewels of wisdom when he speaks. I don’t think he even realizes it!).

I think it should help you get even more excited what he’s going November 16 during the Checkpoint Trader Summit.

For now, here’s a sneak peek of how much money Chris’ strategy can put into your pockets -- and how quickly.


Bill Spencer
Editor in Chief, True Market Insiders


Bill: Hey, Chris. How’s it going?

Chris: Doing well, Bill. Another crazy day in both the stock market and the cryptocurrency market...

Bill: I noticed. I’m curious to know what’s crazy enough to get you to pick up the phone and call.

Chris: You probably saw the email I sent out this morning?  About Bitcoin’s 20% loss over the past 4 days? It shouldn’t be a big surprise to see it climb 6% in just a couple hours after that email went out.

Bill: Yeah, I saw that email earlier. I didn’t realize Bitcoin was coming back so strong today.

Chris: That’s the thing about cryptos, right?... [Interrupted]

Bill: Right!

Chris: ...they’re insanely volatile at this stage of the game and a big move can happen in the blink of an eye. If you a look at the charts, you can see this is not an anomaly at all. The last four times Bitcoin dropped more than 20 percent, it gained something like 61 percent in the next 4 weeks.

[Editor’s Note: I’ve added a chart so you can visualize what Chris is saying.]

Source: Genesis Global Trading

Bill: Wow!  But if you already knew that, that’s not the reason you’re calling, I presume...

Chris: No, no, you’re right. I got off on a little bit of a tangent. [Laughing]

While I was doing my research, I read something Mike Novogratz said at an investment summit in New York today that gives more evidence that what we’re going to talk about at the Summit on Thursday is dead-on.

Bill: Novogratz...Why does that name sound familiar?

Chris: Mike’s the billionaire hedgie who used to run Fortress Investment Group and...

Bill: Oh yeah! And he’s setting up the biggest cryptocurrency hedge fund in the world now.

Chris:  Or he’s trying to, at least. At the Reuters Global 2018 Investment Outlook Summit today he said that mainstream institutional investors are about 6 to 8 months from full-scale adoption of Bitcoin.

Bill: We’re always keeping tabs on what hedge funds are saying and doing, so this isn’t a big surprise either. But I think it’s solid confirmation for lots of investors who may be standing on the sidelines.

Chris: Exactly. Cryptos are here to stay, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t see prices spiking way higher.

Mike used a cool analogy a few weeks ago. He said he could “hear the herds coming.” After speaking face-to-face with some of the smart money guys, he’s telling us the institutional money is on its way into crypto.

Bill: That’ll be a major game-changer for individual investors.

Chris: Absolutely. You know what else? He also said that cryptocurrency is going to be “the greatest mania of all time.”

Bill: Whoa! He used that word? “Mania?”

Chris: Yep! That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about out at our Summit. Manias are where investors can make more money than they’ve ever seen in their lives -- and if crypto is going to spark the biggest bubble, the potential upside is just enormous.

Bill: But we’re recommending Bitcoin or some other ICO [Editor’s note: ‘ICO’ stands for ‘Initial Coin Offering.’ It’s like an IPO for crypto.] during the Summit. How does mania talk play into the strategy you’re planning to show everyone on Thursday?

Chris: Look, when these manias get underway, they’re always attached to something real… something less speculative. And that’s what brings everything together for us.

Bill: Okay, great…

Chris: Over the past 12 months, the specific trade I’m going to reveal has more than doubled Bitcoin’s total gains.

Let me get specific to... drive this point home. I’m psyched … I think this is really going to excite the people who join us.

Bitcoin has gained 797% in the past year. Nothing to sneeze at, right? But our crypto-tailored play is up 1,606%... [Interrupted]

Bill: That’s not too shabby!

Chris: That’s literally 101% better performance, without all the whipsaw moves and nausea you get from Bitcoin. And the best part is we can’t lose money on this trade.

Bill: Nope.

Chris: So it’s 101% better than Bitcoin in terms of growth, and 100% risk-free at this point.

Bill: Yeah, I think people will be excited to find out about this trade. Sounds almost too good to be true.

Chris: Doesn’t it? But it’s also 100% true!

[Laughter from both] Chris: The strategy we’re discussing at the Summit allows us to do trades like this again and again. It’s almost harder NOT to make ten times your money on these trades.

Bill: Well I can’t wait to get this information in people’s hands. You’re really going to empower people to change their lives with this.

Chris: That’s what I love about this, Bill. Let me mention one last thing before I hop off the phone. A lot of people are predicting Bitcoin will hit $10,000.

Bill: Oh, I’m hearing higher numbers than that… Chris: …Well, sure. But let’s go with the conservative projection, if you can call $10,000 bucks conservative.

That’s something like a 50% climb from today’s price. So, there’s no reason to think our crypto trade won’t double again by the time Bitcoin hits that price target.

If that happens, you could see folk hitting more than 30 times their initial investment. That’s crazy.

Bill: And totally realistic, right?

Chris: Absolutely. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. All right, Bill. I’ve got to bail. Duty calls!

Bill: Okay, talk with you later, Chris. Always a pleasure!

Chris: The pleasure’s all mine. Have a good one.


I hope that this transcript was helpful to you.

As Chris said, he’ll be revealing the secret Wall Street strategy for making the most of the developing crypto mania on Thursday at 8 pm Eastern time.

He’s also going to name specific companies you can trade in this highly lucrative way to multiply your investments 1,000% or more with zero downside risk.

Be on the lookout for another message from Chris breaking down a few things it will be helpful for you to know before the Summit. And to make sure you get the most out of the event, visit www.CheckpointTraderlive.com and read all the articles on the site.

See you on November 16th at 8pm!

Bill Spencer

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