How The Strategy Works

If you're half as excited as I am for the release of the checkpoint trader strategy, then you understand why I’m releasing the summary early.

Tomorrow (Thursday November 16th), at 8:00pm Eastern, I’ll reveal the way I FIND the positions that I use for CheckPoint Trades.

I’ll tell you how I’m invested and how I’m eliminating much of or all of my risk within months.

The example I’ll use in this video shows you a gain of 925.31% but the risk was eliminated before the trade had barely gotten underway.

I’m keeping the “how” close to my chest until tomorrow night.

The table, the charts and the video, below, describe what happens during the checkpoint strategy.

Tomorrow evening, you’ll learn how I find the perfect positions to apply this to.

Sorry the video cuts off abruptly. But you’ll hear all about it tomorrow.


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