Chicago Mom “cleaning up” on these trades

The decision was easy on which video I should publish today.

This single mom from Chicago, a subscriber of mine for a decade, recorded this video of her experience with me.   It stood out because today’s my own mom’s birthday. (Happy birthday mom!)

If you know my story, you understand my deep appreciation for single moms.

Mine raised three of us.

My mother was faced with raising my brother, sister and I at ages 7, 6 and 6-months.

If you wonder where I got the fighting spirit from, here it is…

After the divorce, Mom signed up for classes at Queens College and got two jobs.

My brother and I followed suite.

Before school we delivered newspapers. After school we collected cans from the streets, brought them to the grocery store to be recycled for 10 cents a piece and then stayed at the store, bagging groceries for tips.

She fought.

And when I ended up with my spinal cord injury, I fought.

I’m now a money manager, a market analyst and an editor/educator.

So again, Happy Birthday, Mom.

I hope you’ll attend the Check Point Trading Summit, tonight at 8:00pm.

I’ll be showing all attendees how we can eliminate the majority (and in many cases, all) of the risk they’re taking in today’s stock market, and crypto market.

The stars must be aligned for this event because it’s also the 10-year anniversary of when I produced my first-ever investing course.

Words can’t describe how excited I am to show investors and traders, like Sabrina S., how to use the CheckPoint method.

Chris Rowe

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