“Since applying CheckPoint Trader my account has been growing at 3x the growth rate I have previously averaged.”
Bill E.
“I've done well with a few trades (learning). I up about 150%, even done ok with CTSH. Thanks.”
Curt R.
“I have followed Chris for several years now and have seen the proof that his system work and work very well. I have more than doubled my annual income with a relativly modest account. Keep up the great work.”
T. N.
“My portfolio is up over 100% since January 1st. My portfolio is modest by most standards I would guess but increasing from roughly $23K to $50K is the first really spectacular success I've had in the stock market.”
Frank F.
“I have made 5x on NFLX and ok on most of the others.”
Alexander P.
“CheckPoint Trader is the most successful system that I have used. I only wish I had started earlier. It will be interested to see its performance in a bear market.”
Steven M.
“Account roughly worth 4 times what I started with”
Russ G.
“CPT has been excellent to this point, 30% gain for the account in 2 months and a relatively stress free pass through a 10% downturn. It”
O. Bell
“My initial scepticism was high, particularly since the rather high entrance fee. My current return since Dec 5,2017 is 323%, which is fantastic and for which we have to congratulate you. ~ Mar 23, 2018”
Willy B.
“I've taken all of Chris' courses. My first big help came in 2009, I got out early, saving me tons of money, thanks to his call of a crash.”
Stan A.
“I have tried to follow recommendations of dozens of experts. You are the only one I continue to listen to. Following your courses, I have learned to make money on the stock exchange.”
Gundeger H.
“Chris, you've changed my perception of the markets forever! I've not only been able to make money … I may be able to trade full time!”
Navindra R.
“This past year I followed your top 3 recommended sectors and my account is up 13%. Many thanks.”
Bryan D.
“Chris did a great job teaching me all about the 'real' market. I have doubled my 401k holdings in 5 years. I Couldn't have done it without Chris.”
John S.
I Reveal My Latest CheckPoint Trade

This Thursday at 2PM, I’m going to give you my very next CheckPoint Trade.

I’ll reveal this trade to everyone who attends the CheckPoint Trader Summit at the same time I send it out to all CheckPoint Trader members.

So, as a VIP List attendee… you’ll receive complete details of this position.

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Chris Rowe Earns “Five Star” Reviews

Hello, Bill Spencer here.

I’m the Editor in Chief at True Market insiders.

Thank you again for signing up for the CheckPoint Trader Summit with Chris Rowe on Thursday.

I’ve collected many of the testimonials folks like you have sent in…

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CheckPoint Trading Gives You “Market Armor”

Checkpoint Trading is so powerful because it removes human weakness from trading. It gives you “market armor.”

Among its many other benefits… it allows you to stay in the market for the entire duration of a bull market with supreme confidence.  

You can get in on strong stocks without worrying about short-term price activity.

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Please Send Me Your Questions…

We’re just days away from the CheckPoint Trader Summit, and I’d like to use some of that time to answer any questions you have about the CheckPoint Trader strategy.

Please email them to me. I’ll post some of them, along with my replies, on this blog between now and Thursday.

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CheckPoint Trades Vastly Outperform Typical Trades

As you’re going to discover on Thursday, Sept. 20th, CheckPoint Trading is no ordinary investing strategy.  

As your positions increase in value, you may have the opportunity to slice off some of the profit without decreasing the number of shares you control.

It’s kind of like paying yourself really big dividends, potentially once per month.

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Chicago Mom Cleaning Up On These Trades

The decision was easy on which video I should feature today.

She titled it “Single mom from Chicago”, and she’s been a subscriber of mine for a decade, recorded this video of her experience with me.

If you know my story, you understand my deep appreciation for single moms.

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Here’s Something Extra For You...

I’ve just recorded a three minute video that will add some context to what we’re doing and to explain what type of bonus education that comes with it.

You can also hear about experiences shared by several CheckPoint members so you get the gist of what’s been happening.

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I worked with Chris on Wall Street


I recently received some very kind words from some of my readers.

I was already super excited to have a chance to go through some of the testimonials people emailed in – text and video.

But I didn’t expect to get this video from my old Wall Street co-worker Tony D, who was at the same firm I started at on my very first day on Wall Street.

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What Is “CheckPoint Trading?”

Chris here…

Thank you for signing up to join me for the CheckPoint Trader Summit on Thursday, May 29th at 7:00PM EST. It’s going to be a phenomenally valuable event.

I’ll be sharing a strategy that, up until now, has been used almost exclusively by the most elite Wall Street traders.

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